Designed for high performing students who aim to further develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Competition Preparation Courses


Designed for 4th, 5th and 6th graders, Pre-MATHCOUNTS prepares them for success in middle school math and math competitions. Students master Pre-Algebra topics through competition problems. This course also introduces students to the topics and problem solving skills required for the MATHCOUNTS. Students learn mind-stretching strategies and problem-solving techniques. Research proves that learning best occurs when student's abilities and interests are stimulated by the appropriate level of challenge. Pre-MATHCOUNTS focuses on exploring problem-solving strategies, along with mental math training and logical reasoning. The concepts involve critical thinking and help students to get excited about math in the future grades.


This course helps 6th, 7th and 8th graders (some advanced 5th graders may attend upon approval) to participate in the American Mathematics Competition 8 and MATHCOUNTS. Through the effective guidance and direction by our experienced teachers, students develop strong problem solving skills that make them perform well in the MATHCOUNTS and AMC-8 Contests. This class is good fit for students who are at school and chapter MATHCOUNTS level and who scored less than 18 on AMC-8.

MATHCOUNTS/AMC 8 - Intermediate/Advanced

This course is for middle school students who want to improve in MATHCOUNTS Chapter, State and AMC 8 levels of math. The focus will be medium and hard parts of these exams. This is a good fit for those student who are comfortable solving medium end of state level MATHCOUNTS problems and for those who scored between 18-22 on AMC-8.

AMC 10/12

After taking this course student will be able to attack and solve most of the AMC 10/12 problems and also will acquire skills and habits that will help them minimize their mistakes. The course has a two-year curriculum, neither year being a prerequisite for the other. In consequent years, the same topics will be covered with different set of problems.Students who cannot comfortably solve a dozen
problems in AMC 10/12 are encouraged to register for either AMC 8 or respective Algebra,Geometry, Counting and Probability courses to develop proficiency in basic readiness for this course.

Counting and Probability-Introduction

This course covers basic and intermediate counting concepts that will help students improve their scores in math competitions such as AMC 8/10 and MATHCOUNTS. Topics will include permutations, combinations, Pascal's triangle, probability and the Binomial Theorem.

Counting and Probability - Intermediate

This course covers strategies such as the addition and multiplication principles, permutations and combinations, properties of the binomial coefficients, recursions and the inclusion-exclusion principle. This is the intermediate level combinatorics course. It covers hard end of AMC 10 and medium end of AIME. It is a good fit for students with AMC 10/12 scores approaching to AIME or AIME scores between 1 and 5.

Geometry for Competitions - Beginner

This course covers the full Pre-AP Geometry Curriculum and many advanced problem solving geometric applications that will help students improve their scores in math competitions such as AMC 8/10 and MATHCOUNTS. Topics include triangle, similarity and congruence, area problems, special quadrilaterals, polygons, power of a point, 3-dimensional geometry, analytic geometry, basic trigonometry and geometric proofs.

Geometry for Competitions Intermediate/Advanced

This course deals with computational geometry in two dimension using Euclidean methods. Manipulation of angles and lengths, properties of polygrams and circles will be covered. The class also features Ceva's Theorem, Menelau's Theorem, Stewart's Theorem. It covers hard end of AMC 10/12 and medium end of AIME. It is a good fit for students with AMC 10/12 scores approaching AIME or AIME scores between 1 and 5.

Java Programming for USACO Beginner/Intermediate

The course is for students with very little or no programming background. The focus is fundamentals of programming and problem solving hence object oriented part of the language and other details will not be taught. At the end of the course, the goal is to start solving USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Bronze level problems. USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states.

TMSCA Number Sense/General Math/Calculator Applications

This course will cover all three parts of the TMSCA contest: Number Sense, General Math and Calculator Applications. It features number sense tricks and shortcuts.

English Language Art Courses

Creative Writing

Writing is a form of expression! This creative writing course will teach students how to express themselves through various forms of writing. Students will learn how to strengthens their individual voice and style. All of the basics-grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, and punctuation are coved in context as students explore a wide variety of topics. students will receive both instructor and peer feedback.

Introduction to Argumentation

After completing this course, students will have a set of portable argumentation and advocacy skills that they can use in a variety of experiences throughout their middle school. Students will initially learn about and practice structured extemporaneous speeches with emphasis on verbal and nonverbal delivery skills (organization, projection, inflection, eye-contact, hand gestures, and more). Special emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and listening skills as well as argument resolution.