SAT Prep, Sugar Land, Texas

SAT is one of the most important indicators that shows your qualifications to college admission offices. The STAR Learning SAT Prep program in Sugar Land, Texas can help you get prepared to receive high scores for your college application. STAR Learning focuses on the skills and knowledge that you need to acquire to score your best at SAT exams. STAR Learning instructors are experts of this exam. Star Learning offers classroom SAT course where the number of students is capped at 12, and SAT courses in small group setting where you can take as many sessions as you need in Reading/Writing or Math.

How are STAR Learning SAT classroom courses different?

At STAR Learning, you first will take a pre-­assessment mock SAT test to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you will be placed in a group appropriate to your pre-­assessment report. Groups are capped at 12 students. Students will meet STAR instructors two days per week, one day for Math, and one day for Reading and Writing. STAR teachers are experts at SAT, and will teach all the topics and strategies you need for the exam. STAR teachers will teach only one subject, either Math or English to specialize, and better teach the skills and knowledge you need.

STAR Learning collaborates with Knowsys Educational Services to bring you the best materials to prepare you for the SAT . Each student will get a set of Knowsys SAT books in addition to College Board’s official SAT Prep book.

You must take three mock SAT tests during the course, and must stay after the sessions for your test corrections (Mock SAT tests, and the test correction sessions are free). Therefore, you only pay $699.00 for a quality 42 hours SAT course, and additional $100 for a 8 additional hours for the topics necessary for ACT. We will waive the fees for Mock SAT tests, reports, and test correction sessions. STAR Learning will provide a detailed SAT report for each mock test you take specifically tailored for you to monitor your progress toward your desired score.

What is included?

- 60 hours of quality instruction for SAT

- Additional 9 hours for ACT – Add $100 to the tuition,

- Course materials,

- 3 full length Mock tests with in depth score analysis at no extra cost,

- Test correction sessions,

- Review of answers with explanations,

- The class size is capped at 12 students.

Personalized SAT Courses

Students can choose a personalized SAT course at Star Learning in the small group setting. This course will be customized to you based on your strenghts and weaknesses determined at Pre-Assessment SAT test. Students can schedule as many sessions as they need. You may schedule your sesions at weekends or weekdays starting anytime with more flexibility. The fee will be calculated based on the number of sessions you decided. Each session will last in 1.5 hours (90 Minutes), and each session costs $50. All materials and other costs are included.

Mock SAT Pre-Assessment Days

CALL to schedule a Pre-assessment SAT test, or click here to see the dates of free SAT tests.

- Advanced Learning, Sugar Land, Texas
STAR Learning advanced learning in Sugar Land, Texas aims at identifying students’ unique needs as they build on individual strengths. The programs begin with a preliminary standardized diagnostic assessment that gives feedback about students’ mastery level, unique weaknesses and strengths; and offers a prescription personalized for the student. We provide a variety of quality rigorous curriculum with rich materials and worksheets that will best fit the personalized learning plan. Students are given frequent additional diagnostic and benchmark tests to monitor their academic progress. STAR Learning programs are available in either self-paced or small group (maximum 4 students) setting for all students at K-12. Some programs for Gifted and Talented, and SAT/ACT courses are also offered in small classroom setting.

- Fall After School Program, Sugar Land, Texas

STAR Learning provides fall after school programs in Sugar Land, Texas. We also provide weekend enrichment programs in language arts, math, physics, and computer science; mentors for middle and high school advanced learners, and we offer college counseling to aspiring students in pursuing their college dreams.

Please check out fall class schedule.

More classes in math, physics and computer science will be added for Fall 2014.

You can now enroll for the upcoming programs that are convenient for you!